IKAS Isolering A/S has the requisite number of staff and the right equipment to be able to determine any instances of PCB containing materials in your buildings. We can determine the presence, location and concentration of PCBS in all property types.

Typically PCB was used in a great many filling materials from the period 1950-77. In the fillings it is unfortunately not unusual to find extremely high concentrations of PCB – up to 30 % of the total weight of the filling. Likewise, PCB instances of edge sealings on double glaze windows is a major problem.

PCB can also occur in the following contexts:

Flooring materials
PCBS were widely used in non-slip flooring – not least in Sweden and Norway. The extent of the use of this type of floor in Denmark is not defined. But the floors are known to have been established in several places prior to the total ban against PCB in 1977.

Hydraulic oil
Hydraulic oil with PCB content has, to a certain extent, been used in Scandinavia. The scale has, however, never been charted. This type of oil has probably also occurred in Denmark. Hydraulic oil with PCB was banned in Denmark in 1986

Oil-filled cables
Oil-filled cables with PCB have also been used in Scandinavia. Equivalent to hydraulic oil also the oil-filled cables may have been used in Denmark. Oil-filled cables with PBC were banned in Denmark in 1986.

Denmark’s Asbestos Association has published a guide on PBC. You will find it HERE.