Teknisk-isoleringIKAS Isolering A/S stands for professional technical insulation-including thermal insulation, refrigeration insulation, as well as fire insulation and condensation & soundproofing.

With more than 60 years of experience in the field of thermal insulation of technical installations, we are well equipped to perform your installation work.

We work for all types of industrial companies, housing associations and, of course, we also carry out technical insulation of private dwellings.

Insulation of ventilation plants, boiler plants, turbines & filters, smoke and air ducts, as well as all kinds of tube insulation are tasks we are fully familiar with.

In addition, we present a comprehensive portfolio when it comes to insulation of tanks and containers. Finally, we have an intensive knowledge of and experience with the so important fire insulation.

All inquiries about technical insulation are treated individually, and of course, our consulting team will be able to give qualified advice and guidance about your specific insulation job.

IKAS Isolering A/S executes make the proper completion of the technical insulation. We work with a number of possible solutions – including cardboard & Isogenpak, aluminum, canvas, galvanized stainless steel plates or plastisol coated plates.

We follow to the letter Termisk isolering af tekniske installationer, DS452, which sets out applicable regulation for technical installations maximum heat loss, and of course, we use only reputable products of the highest quality in the context of our insulation work.