Tank insulation is a discipline that requires a high degree of experience and expertise. Not least the isolation of the large tanks for industrial purposes – including storage tanks and aggregation tanks – can be a risky, difficult and complicated task, which should not be left to random players.

IKAS Isolering A/S can present more than 60 years of experience with tank insulation. We insulate tanks of any size and shape, and we are attacking any problem with insulation of tanks individually. Thus there may be significant differences in the content temperature of the respective tanks.

A detailed plan will be established and adhered down to the most detailed aspect. The tanks are insulated against energy loss, freezing, condensation and against risk of contact.

We isolate tank plants in Denmark as well as abroad. Our experienced fitters act familiar within all markets, and at IKAS Isolering A/S, we have over the years developed working methods and techniques, which has brought us in the very front of the market for tank insulation – also in an international context.

To isolate the tank properly, includes much more than just covering the item with Rockwool or glass wool. First and foremost, there is a number of legal regulations to be strictly followed.

In addition, it is important to take account of the particular item, the desired/required temperatures in the inner of the tank, the current location of the tank, as well as, of course, influences from the surrounding environment.

Do you want us to execute your tank insulation project?

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