Steel constructions are to a large extent used in the construction business. Therefore it is important to keep focus on insulation of this type of constructions.

First of all, the steel should be isolated in order to prevent thermal bridges, and furthermore it is important to insulate the steel constructions against fire, since steel in context with fire unfortunately is said to have relatively poor properties.

Fire insulation of steel structures is thus essential, not least in new buildings that are constructed around the steel girders.

IKAS Isolering A/S has extensive experience with this type of fire insulation.

The authorities are at the same time asking ever-tougher requirements for fire insulation of buildings as well as industrial plants. That is why it is absolutely essential that you have the expertise alongside from the outset of your project, when effective insulation against fires is to be implemented in the construction.

IKAS Isolering A/S is your competent partner in the field of fire insulation of steel. We have a significant professional knowledge and experience accumulated over more than 60 years of working with insulation tasks, domestic and abroad.

We prepare constructive solutions for covers and passive fire protection of steel constructions, steel beams and steel pillars, and our systems are tested to be able to provide fire protection for up to two hours.

If the fire insulation to be made on visible parts of the building, we will be able to conduct the work in a way where the surface can be filled and painted and thus enter into an aesthetic coherence with other elements of the building.

At IKAS Isolering A/S we have up-to-date computer equipment, which we use for practical calculations of dimensions for special elements and insulating thicknesses, so that your insulation comply with all applicable requirements, regulations and standards.

Please contact us today. Our skilled insulation consultants are ready to guide you and to come up with a non-binding offer of fire insulation of your steel constructions.