Soundproofing should be considered, where sound and noise is a challenge. IKAS Isolering A/S solves the problems. We prepare constructive proposals for noise reduction and soundproofing of office environments and production facilities.

Sound can ultimately be considered as pollution, which must be combated. Noisy and thereby annoying production facilities must be properly soundproofed – partly in regard to the employees who operate the plant and partly in regard to the surrounding environment, so that complaints about noise is eliminated.

Noice trouble can be a decisive factor in relation to the work environment. Investment in sound insulation therefore at the same time is an investment in your employees ‘ well being and thus an investment in the company’s overall efficiency.

Annoying noise can also be an issue in residential environments, including multi-storey buildings. Effective soundproofing impedes occupant complaints and ensure a greater well-being for all residents.

IKAS Isolering A/S provides professional and competent advices in order to mitigate disadvantages from your noise sources. We conduct a thorough analysis of your noise ratio and presents with this in mind concrete proposals for a comprehensive solution for a perfect acoustic insulation.