IKAS Isolering A/S is an authorized Rockwool operator.

Reinsulation will always turn out to be a good investment. Energy prices can fluctuate up and down, but at the bottom line it will for sure be worthwhile to improve insulation of housings, businesses, office facilities and property complexes.

The result of an effective reinsulation will quickly translate into significant savings on your heating bill. This would be the immediate, visible advantage. But in addition, it will also increase the value of your property.

When buying a house people nowadays are particularly focused on insulation conditions in the properties they may be interested in acquiring.

If you can present a well insulated building with a tempting low heat consumption, you will be ahead on points. Your property will be attractive to potential buyers

Reinsulation offers economic benefits in the short as well in the long run.

IKAS Isolering A/S offers all kinds of insulation. We insulate cavity walls, ceilings, floor separations, crawl spaces, staircases and .. you name it. For insulation tasks we apply Danish produced Rockwool granulate. There is extensive evidence that precisely this insulation material has the optimal insulation effect.

Older homes are obvious topics for reinsulation. But of course, we would also be happy to calculate you an offer on insulation of new buildings. Price wise, we are absolutely competitive – also because we have translated our experience into efficiency. We are fast at our work – without of course in any way compromising quality.

All of our reinsulation projects will of course be followed by a final test including a Letter of Guarantee which is your assurance of a job well done.

Contact IKAS Isolering A/S today and request an attractive non-binding offer on your insulation job. Our helpful insulation consultants will provide you with any advice regarding reinsulation.