When talking about plate insulation we mean heath coating of all kinds of installations.

IKAS Isolering A/S performs all kinds of work within unique, industrial plate casing, and we range widely.

IKAS Isolering A/S masters thus advanced plate casing such as on power plants, but also offers casing and covering of heat pipes in private residences.

Aluminum is the preferred material for the plate casing of installations.

After your ventilation vendor has completed his work, for example. channel worked at the flat roof of an industrial building – IKAS Isolering A/S stands ready to cover and protect the costly installations.

Mostly we use aluminum without foil.

Plate isolation begins with our knowledgeable staff insulating the ventilation ducts and other installations, according to updated, applicable regulations and industry standards.

The actual plate insulation finishes with our competent insulation assistant performing a careful measurement of the plant. The result forms the basis for the subsequent cutting of the necessary plates. Of course we have our own plasma cutting machine

Then we conduct the correct explosion, manufacture of shape pieces, round and square channels as well as the sizing of blowers, etc.

The plates are now ready for installation. IKAS Isolering A/S is responsible for the entire process, and we won´t leave your plant and your premises before everything is fully ready for use.

Plate insulation for outdoor installations are sized to resist any local weathering conditions.

IKAS Isolering A/S is moreover supplier of jackets to a number of industry related businesses, like we are producing thin plate items after external drawings. We are proud that our partners in the insulation industry in this way appreciate our work and the quality, we constantly strive to maintain.