Employees at IKAS Isolering A/S are certified and trained to work with PCB-containing materials. We can offer professional and responsible PCB clean-up.

PCB is an environmental and hazardous substance which constitutes a significant problem in many Danish buildings. At IKAS Isolering A/S, we have in recent years experienced an increased demand on the redevelopment of the building materials containing PCBs.

The rules for the redevelopment of the PCB are unfortunately quite vague, but IKAS Isolering A/S has developed specific workflows and procedures for clean-up of PCB-containing materials. This has been done in consultation with external, professional advisors, just as we constantly implement new knowledge and experience obtained from foreign sources.

PCB was already in the 1970s declared harmful to both animals and humans, and in 1977 PCBs were totally banned. Also internationally, the problem has been taken seriously. Thus, there are worldwide adopted action plans describing the collection and destruction of PCBs-containing products.

The reason for the success of PBCs was due, in particular, related to the fire-retardant and softening properties, and PCBs were widely used in industrial context. Since one got smarter, and nowadays great effort are being made everywhere to clean up and dispose PCBs.

IKAS Isolering A/S kindly offers to present you for a suggestion for your PCB clean-up.