From modest company to modern business group

April 29, 1918 the Internationalt Isolations Kompagni NS IKAS was founded in Copenhagen with engineer
L. G. Dalhoff as CEO. Denmark’s first real insulation company on the basis of good craftsmanship was hereby a reality.

From the beginning IKAS was focusing on technical insulation and building insulation, based on the insulation material, diatomitic clay.

IKAS furthermore got exclusive sales rights of diatomitic clay and cork products for own and others ‘ contracts.

The beginning was however difficult. Not until the mid-twenties the development speeded up. Business areas was gradually expanded, including activities such as insulation of refrigeration and freezing plants. Soon after also insulation of cargo and cold storage on ships were added to the activities.

In the early thirties, IKAS catched the interest for soundproofing. IKAS produced its own oscilator dampers, and shortly after the company was able to introduce the market’s first acoustic plates which were purchased in the United States and, moreover, was made of sugar canes.

The development continued. New branches were added in Odense and Aalborg, Denmark. At the same time, L.G. Dalhoff was granted the Knight Order of Dannebrog, because he had managed to raise the level of insulation work from craftsmanship to engineering skills.

IKAS worked its way gradually up to hold a leading position in the industry with an ever-increasing number of tasks.

Its clientele consisted of both government, municipalities, institutions, industrial companies and private companies across the country. Also abroad the industri opened its eyes to IKAS ‘ abilities.

In line with developments major insulation tasks at power plants and refineries followed.

The ever stricter environmental requirements at home and abroad likewise resulted in demanding tasks for breweries, commercial printing factories and other major process and manufacturing companies.

Today IKAS is the largest insulation contractor and holds a leading position regarding all kinds of insulation all over the world.

This both applies to heat, cold, noise and vibrations. IKAS is furthermore specialized in renovation, modernisation and fire safety regarding older, worthy of conservation properties and new buildings.

This is a committing position which requires a flexible organization in an ongoing process.

Our resources consists of hundreds of members of our highly qualified staff, which is divided into nine Danish departments in Copenhagen, Odense, Esbjerg, Fredericia, Horsens, Aarhus, Skive, Aalborg and Frederikshavn.

IKAS is constantly ajour with the development and uses only the most advanced computerized technique.

An effective organization is furthermore your guarantee of a competitive and flexible partner. We have our own purchase department which ensures you supply of quality at the right time and price.

Our own stock is synonymous with short delivery time. Our own workshops with production of whole and semi-finished products allows us to offer individual solutions. And finally many years of experience handling shipments guarantees rapid transportation and delivery anywhere on the Globe.

Our cooperation with the largest banks leads to that IKAS also can advise on the most advantageous currency, financing and payment conditions.

In order to further enhance quality and standard IKAS have our own modern seminar facilities for the training of employees. A continuous student education furthermore ensures that expertise will be maintained and developed for the benefit of the future.

IKAS is an attractive collaboration partner. Many years of experience combined with continued method and product development has resulted in a unique know-how and expertise.

This has made IKAS a highly requested representative in numerous professional organizations with normative influence.

KAS is also a flexible partner, whether it comes to turnkey contracts or subcontracting. IKAS can handle it all, ranging from advicory counselling and project managing to manufacturing and assembly.

IKAS is a problem solver, both in terms of standard solutions and tailor-made solutions for special tasks. All tasks are always performed in strict accordance with the requirements of the competent authority and can meet the demands of Veritas and Lloyd’s in London.

IKAS offers turnkey package solutions from frame constructions to the finished project.

The frame construction will be fully mounted with bathroom walls, ceilings, doors, interieur equipment and technical installations.

IKAS combines our specializations to complement each other and to appear as optimal technology logical and environmentally friendly solutions.

The advantages are obvious. One contact and one responsible partner.

The result is better management and better overall economy.

From Greenland to Myanmar

IKAS is working under all climate conditions ranging from Greenland in the North to Myanmar in the South, And the export is in constant increase.

IKAS has more than 20 years experience on export markets, executing tasks in more than 50 countries.

IKAS has collaboration experience following international standards with regard to project managing, delivery and final assembly. IKAS coordinates and controls the projects on the spot with our own fitters or local workers. It ensures that performance is under strict control and continuous complies with even the most stringent requirements for quality and safety.

Separate sale of know-how has also proved to be of great interest, especially in Third World countries.

IKAS is furthermore a sought after business partner when it comes to offshore jobs on international oil and gas fields.

Subsidiaries in Norway and France has been established with the aim of providing customers with the best possible service

Technical insulation of highest quality

IKAS is a specialist regarding technical insulation. IKAS insulates pipes, tanks, boilers, filters and machines for any type of industry ranging from offshore, petrochemical industry, power plants and plants for refrigeration and freezing

IKAS also isolates ventilation facilities, air conditioning and hot-and cold-water pipes in buildings within both the private and public sector.

Materials of the highest quality and optimal design solutions – here used at Studstrupværket in Aarhus – satisfies even international national insurance standards.

60 years of experience in technical insulation has made IKAS a specialist in the field. Fredericia Brewery is one of many projects.

Building technique with countless options

IKAS is a specialist in renovation, modernisation and fire safety in older properties, industrial buildings, schools and public building complexes. IKAS furthermore delivers and mounts acoustic ceilings and partitions for offices, hospitals, schools, as well as banks.

Activity programmes are ranging wide and makes IKAS a preferred cooperation partner, when it comes to turnkey solutions from frame constructions to finished projects including installation of walls, ceilings, doors, equipment and technical installations.

Own carpentry and joinery is the best guarantee for high quality at the right time and price.

Exterior cladding of residential construction in Korsør is one of IKAS ‘ many insulation tasks.

HK’s Forbundshus in Copenhagen – an example of a package solution from frame constructions to the finished assembled building.

Global cooling technique

IKAS is not only a specialist in insulation of refrigeration and freezer space. IKAS assumes also complete design, construction, implemetation and supervision of both prefabricated as well as traditional element systems used for refrigeration and deep-freezing rooms, houses, food industries, warehouses and workshop facilities in all countries.

Especially overseas delivery of modern refrigeration and freezer facilities posesses great demands on the design and system solution, but 50 years of experience with implementation of freezing facilities makes IKAS capable to offer the best suited solution anywhere. It ensures easy transport over long distances and fast performance with a minimum need of trained manpower.

IKAS ‘ cooling and deep-freezing rooms meet all requirements on high hygienic standard.

Ice cream factory in Jedda Saudi Arabia.

Advanced sound technique for the industry


IKAS is a specialist in all aspects of noise and vibration control in industries of all kinds.

IKAS can deliver a large number of standard elements and systems that are part of both complete noise mitigation projects of entire companies as well as noise attenuation of single components.

The great expertise in the field of noise suppression is used also of the machinery industry. IKAS is at your side already at the design of the engines, in order to secure that producers and thus also the end users avoid noise in the work environment.

Noise and vibration control at Fiat in Italy ensures better working environment and economy.

Development and establishment of a sound neutral space at Haukeland Sykehus in Norway is an example of a sound techincal task.

Into the future

IKAS is an experienced co working partner and problem solver with great resources for solution of all tasks.

But the resources are also used with an eye for the future and future problems.

The subsidiary company DOMIKAS deals with low energy houses with such a high degree of prefabrication that they are economical attractive  in both production and execution.

First and foremost low-energy houses contributes to reduce resource wastage, while at the same time being extremely functional in the décor

Energy management as total solution from consultant assistance and executing to control and maintenance is the main focus point of the subsidiary SCANIKAS. The target group is companies and public buildings with high energy consumption.

Energy management results not only in large energy besparel looks, but also in better working environment and indoor air quality.

IKAS is on the way towards the future. Without forgetting the present …

SCANIKAS ensures the client’s energy and environmental improvements as well as a good and continued profitability through systematic control of the building and its installations.

Low-energy House under construction. Developed with support from the Ministry of Energy

Vores ambitioner

In January 2017  Kim Christensen and Mads Kramer engaged in a joint ownership of IKAS Isolering A/S.

The introduction of the new management structure at the same time signals new perspectives and an ambitious objective for the company’s future.

Kim Christensen and Mads Kramer has a very clear expectation of a growth of up to 70 % over the next 2-3 years.

Everything suggests that the objective is more than realistic. In each case, IKAS Isolering A/S presents a growth of impressing 53 % during the first half of the year 2017!