IKAS Isolering A/S offers all kinds of dampers, as well as advices you and calculates which damper types will be best suited for your purpose.

Counseling and selection always takes place in close interaction with our customers.

The range of vibration isolators is extensive, but the dampers, we offer, include cylindrical absorbers, elastic bushings, rubber sheet, rubber & PUR buffers, cone absorbers, tapered mufflers, ceiling and cabinet hangers, castors, sandwiches, secured mountings and various types of rails

Vibration isolators are inserted, where you want to reduce thes wings from a machine

They are for example used to reduce pulsations from a machine or other installations in production equipment.

By using vibration isolators you achieve an effective limitation of the spread of vibrations and noise.

The various dampers have individual properties. That is why we will always be able to identify and install excactly the damper type(s) that resolves your challenges with vibrations.

When selecting and sizing, we take into consideration a number of factors -including machine type, weight, number of setup items and speed.

IKAS Isolering A/S has a vast and broad range of sound insulation materials, noise barriers and sound absorbers, and in our catalog you will find a wide selection of vibration isolators and ideas for application of sound absorbing materials.


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