HVAC ventilation insulation is a chapter of its own, where IKAS Isolering A/S also is on home soil.

We carry out insulation of all types of plumbing fixtures, including industrial ventilation and cooling systems. Here, it is about counteracting heat loss, loss of cooling and condensation formation. We insulate both hot as cold surfaces, and furthermore we soundproof noisy HVAC installations. In addition, fire protection of HVAC is an important part of our work.

IKAS Isolering A/S is always updated on all standards and regulations within the HVAC area. We handle all insulation types – also the more traditional ones such as insulation with cardboard and canvas, which requires extra craftsmanship. We have more than 60 years of industry experience and manage to implement the latest techniques with traditional craft methods, if it is a wish from our customers.

Cooling and condensation insulation should be taken extremely seriously. Wrong dimensioned or non existing insulation could quickly result in harmful condensation. We know where the danger lurks – and we have effective solutions.

We are certified Armacell partner. We see this as a blueprint and a recognition of the quality and professional work, we deliver.

Also fire insulation of HVAC installations is an essential aspect of the overall insulation level for your property. The competent authority have issued tough requirements for fire protection and demands for use of quality materials. We are aware of these requirements and will be able to live up to them. You are guaranteed an efficient HVAC fire insulation, when you collaborate with IKAS Isolering A/S.

We have an extended routine with insulation of ventilation systems.We solve all tasks – ranging from insulation of ventilation installations in private homes to insulation of industrial installations and air-conditioning systems in office buildings.

Please call us today. Let us tell you more about HVAC insulation. We gladly provide you with a non-binding offer.