Strict quality requirements are nowadays surrounding HVAC fire insulation. Thus, the insulation of HVAC installations is much more than just wrapping a few insulation bats around a drain pipe. The competent authorities are drawing up comprehensive conditions for the conduction of the work and not least for the characteristics of the types of insulation

At IKAS Isolering A/S we are fully familiar with these requirements, and we will be able to meet and follow them in an effective and responsible manner

For HVAC fire insulation we partly use Rockwool Conlit, by which we optimally can ensure your plumbing installations against fire. The main purpose of fire insulation is to prevent a possible fire to spread It helps to hedge the total building, and it gives the building’s users an enhanced degree of security.

A properly performed HVAC fire insulation extends the time period before the heat from the fire is able to damage critical points in the building constructions. At the same time the options for effective extinguishing work is increased, and ultimately the fire insulation could be the discriminating factor that prevents the fire to have fatal consequences.

IKAS Isolering A/S stands for insulation of all HVAC fixtures – including complex industrial HVAC installations. We have an extensive experience in insulation – also at foreign destinations – and we manage to handle even the largest tasks. In the planning phase as well as in the actual execution of insulation work.

Please contact us today for a detailed discussion of the important fire insulation of your HVAC installations.