IKAS Isolering A/S. We are in all modesty experts in insulation – including granular insulation.

Our staff has gone through a number of special courses on insulation with Danish produced Rockwool Granulate, and we can also draw on the collective knowledge and experience of the Rockwool Group.

We master the methods and products that give you the optimal solution within the granular insulation. Using us as your insulation company, you avoid making the classic mistakes that in too many cases result in moisture and fungal caused damages.

For example, isolation of cavity walls calls for comprehensive training and education of our staff. Our granulate insulator staff has extensive experience in handling machines as well as materials.

Granular insulation that might immediately seems to be a straight forward process, in fact has several pitfalls. We understand how to avoid them.

When we isolate with granules, we blow the insulation material into the cavity wall. The insulation settles – expressed in popular terms – as a down comforter around your house. IKAS Isolering A/S has several trucks that are custom built to be able to deliver effective wall insulation for both private and commercial customers all over Denmark.

All reinsulation tasks are to be supplemented by a certificate on the work performed. At the same time Rockwool Group will continuously check to our work with your cavity wall insulation by taking random samples. It gives you the extra assurance that your granulate insulation complies with applicable quality requirements.

IKAS Isolering A/S is recognized as an authorized Rockwool Operator.