Fire insulation is a crucial way to hedge your buildings against fire. In addition to during the construction of the property to select materials and structural parts, which in itself prevents or inhibits the fires, it is of course also important to insulate and fire protect steel structures, concrete elements and, not least, the ventilation systems.

The competent authority nowadays have great demands to fire insulation At IKAS Isolering A/S we are always updated on the latest legislation and developments in the field of fire retardant insulation. We therefore will be the optimal partner for you, if you want to be at the forefront of this important part of the insulation in your property.

IKAS Isolering A/S has solutions for all tasks within fire insulation. We carry out conventional fire insulation, but at the same time we are specialists in solving more complicated tasks – including insulation at oil refineries, power/heating stations, as well as we on several occasions have carried out insulation projects for the off shore industry in both Danish and international waters

In addition, we have an extensive experience in fire insulation of steel structures, where we always use approved products from recognised companies like Rockwool, ConlitR and ISOVER.

Also when it comes to insulation of concrete hollow core slab elements, demands for efficient insulation are imposed. We are aware of these requirements and will be able to present you to a concrete solution for this type of insulation tasks.

Fire insulation of ventilation ducts is a chapter for itself. We insulate round and rectangular channels effectively and quickly – for example, with Conlit Alu fire mats or fire plates.

We have more than 60 years of experience in the industry, and our expert consultants will be able to give you the right advice about fire insulation – based on practical considerations of reliability combined with installation and operating economy.

We conduct all required fire technical calculations for insulating thicknesses, insulation materials and clothing which we dimensions individually to the current task. Building rules of procedures and applicable norms and standards will always be respected to the letter, when you choose IKAS Isolering A/S as your insulation partner.

Contact us today for info about effective and safe fire insulation of your buildings.