Fire closures are used to avoid fungal infection in building constructions.

Thus, an effective and professional sealing insulation is crucial in wet rooms.

Huge demands are put on insulation, as bathrooms and utility room by definition constantly is affected by water and high humidity.

In addition, we perform elastic sealing insulation around windows and exterior doors.

IKAS Isolering A/S
offers fire closure with a variety of MK-approved products:

Scandi Board
Conlit from Rockwool
Ultimate Isover

The closure systems are built around mineral wool fibre plates. These plates are subsequently treated with fire retardant, and closures are covered with fire retardant filler.

In connection with fire safety in plastic pipes we use fire bushings and fire gaskets from several manufacturers. This solution is used for example in plate walls, as well as in brick and casted structures.

We can establish fire close installation transits in construction parts withBS 60 BS, and BS 30 120.

Obviously IKAS Isolering A/S provides you with closing reports in accordance with all applicable standards and regulations. We have developed our own report and labelling system which in all aspects meets the requirements of the competent authority.