Environmental awareness is a core value at IKAS Isolering A/S.

We are constantly in the lead, when talking about how to follow the development of environmental measures in our industry.

In day-to-day operations, we always strive to improve the environment, and of course we comply with applicable laws to the letter.

We have ourown private landfill space where the sorting of incoming insulation materials is done through distribution into different containers, each of which accommodates their specific residual material, such as metal, cardboard or paper.

Our car fleet is optimized on an ongoing basis. We want to pollute the environment as little as possible by always using new equipment. You can also do something for the environment. Insulation of your property is an important step. Effective insulation means less energy consumption and thus less environmental impact.

Contact IKAS Isolering A/S today and speak to our consultants on energy reductions on your heating bill.

The Danish Climate and Energy Ministry has released a booklet where you can read more about the benefits of reinsulation.

Find it HERE