Insulating crawl spaces is often the direct shortcut to major reductions of heat consumption. IKAS Isolering A/S has through the years been ascertained very high heat losses in a wide range of real estates due too poorly insulated crawl space and basement floors.

Many people recognizes the problem getting cold feet, caused by a too-cold floor. Fortunately, it is for the most part relatively straightforward to establish insulation of basements and thus to stop intrusion of the cold.

The workflow itself to insulate a crawl space, however, may well turn out to be a not particularly pleasant experience. The work is dirty, and due to cramped spaces and rooms, where the insulation worker most often only has a single entry and exit, it can be a claustrophobic experience to carry out this work.

Therefore, there is every reason to entrust the task of insulating crawl space to professionals. At IKAS Isolering A/S, we have many years of experience with this type of insulation, and we therefore have adapted routines and acquired a comprehensive know-how regarding reinsulation of basements.

We are also accustomed to work under extremely difficult access conditions. In fact, we have, on a number of occasions conducted basement insulation, where our industry colleagues have had to give up.

Before we insulate your crawl space, we will of course check, that all requirements for ventilation and moisture protection is respected. The isolation should not prevent the basement from being ventilated. Moisture and radon should continue to be able to vanish.

IKAS Isolering A/S insulates basements for both private and business. Are you tired of cold feet and excessive heating bills? Then please contact us today. Let us come up with an attractive and entirely non-binding offer on insulation of your crawl space.

IKAS Isolering A/S is an authorized Rockwool Operator.