Cooling insulation & condensation insulation-here the challenge is to reconcile demands for reduction of energy losses with other requirements for function. Thus, the desire is to eliminate the risk of freezing and condensation, as well as the risk of burns when touching the system.

All too often we see, that the insulation of cooling pipes are not carried out professionally enough. Faulty insulation or improperly applied products could result in condensation on the system. We also often note condensation as a result of incorrect dimensioned systems.

IKAS Isolering A/S advises our customers not to economize too much on cooling insulation and condensation insulation. Rather spend a bit more and use quality products for insulation tasks. We are certified Armacell-partner – it is your guarantee for quality and professional work.

Armacell offers a 10 year guarantee on the functional properties of the products – the requirements are that the work must be performed by a certified firm, as well as the use of AF/Armaflex products, including Armafix tube suspensions, are required.

The products, of course, is not doing the job alone. The installer’s experience and expertise is crucial. Our installers do the work properly, and are trained regularly on Armaflex courses. Of course, our fitters also carry journeymen letters as insulation experts.

IKAS Isolering A/S has extensive experience with refrigeration insulation and has performed numerous tasks both in Denmark and abroad, often under extreme conditions. Therefore, you can safely leave your cooling insulation task to us.

We will gladly present you for an offer. Please contact us by phone or mail.