Attic insulation is of great importance for your property and your heating economy. In fact, the attic is the most important place in the house to isolate, and it is also here that you will be able to achieve the greatest savings on your heating budget, because the heat loss is most significant through the ceiling, since – as you know – heat rises .

Typically, it is estimated that the heat loss through the same insulation level is 15 % higher through the ceiling than through a wall.

The minimum requirement for attic insulation nowadays is 300 mm, and if the house is to meet the requirements of low energy, it is demanded that you insulate with not less than 400 mm.

Many houses do not live up to these standards. In fact that applies for quite many houses built right up to the beginning of the year 2000, that they have only been insulated with 200 mm. In addition, the existing attic insulation may have been flattened or has been moved, resulting in creation of thermal bridges.

In these cases a reinsulation really could result in big savings.

IKAS Isolering A/S recommends reinsulation with a supply of Danish produced Rockwool granulate on top of the existing attic insulation. Granulate insulation offers the great advantage that it fills all crevices and cracks and in popular terms “places itself as a duvet” on the current insulation system. Hereby all thermal bridges are eliminated, and you will get an effective insulating of your attic.

Please also bear in mind that insulation with injection of granules is a highly economic insulation method, since the work can be carried out quickly. You’ll experience great savings on labour costs

Of course in relation to reinsulation of attics we reassure that the ceiling space will continue to be able to ventilate. We are checking your installations, and we check that the roof does not have any leaks. Any exhaust ducts from kitchen and bathroom installations, such as hoods and fans, will also be insulated to prevent condensation.

We have many years of experience with attic insulation, and we would like advice you about reisolation of your property. Contact us today for an immediate quote.

IKAS Isolering A/S is an authorized Rockwool Operator.