Asbest - PCB - asbestsanering og asbestfjernelse

That asbestos poses a health hazard, has been well known for a long time.

The presence of asbestos in older buildings is a problem, and asbestos occurrences should be removed in a reassuring way.

IKAS Isolering A/S has extensive experience with asbestos, and we also have the right solution for you if you own a property with asbestos occurrences.

We conduct all kinds of redevelopment of dangerous asbestos in and around pipes, ventilation ducts, containers & tanks, ceilings, etc.

Professional insight is the be-all and end-all when it comes to asbestos. Our staff has gone through a series of courses on proper handling and disposal of asbestos, and of course we have the most modern equipment for air shifters and sufficient fresh air breathing respirators

Security in connection with asbestos removal relates to both you, your staff and our staff, and at IKAS Isolering A/S, we take this aspect very seriously .

Asbestos removal is carried out with authority approved environmental carts and asbestos vacuum cleaners. We are in all aspects equipped to offer sound and environmentally correct asbestos removal on a high level.

During the working process we naturally adhere to the official Danish working environment service’s (Arbejdstilsynet) restrictions to the letter. We solve all challenges in connection with asbestos removal. We have extensive experience with dismantling and disposal of asbestos containing roof sheets, which were previously widely used in Danish construction. Therefore, you can safely leave your asbestos removal to us.

When we have finished the task, we leave an asbestos free and cleaned area, which as a result will be clear to any subsequent construction projects.

Removal and disposal of materials containing hazardous PCB is also included in our services. We have solid procedures for work with the removal and disposal of building parts with PCB content.

Request qualified help and advice if you are having problems with asbestos or PCB. Contact us today.