Asbestos removal and disposal is an important part of the activities at IKAS Isolering A/S.

Asbestos was once widely used as building material in Danish constructions. Emphasis was put on the firmness and heat insulating properties, which helped make the asbestos popular.

The asbestos was, among other things. used for fire protection and insulation.

During the 1980´s people got aware of the material’s dangerousness, and incrementally the authorities introduced what ultimately became a total ban on the use of asbestos.

Since then, a large number of buildings subjected to asbestos removal and disposal. But asbestos is however still present in many places, and should be removed.

Asbestos is dangerous, since the material is forming a fine fiber structure. Asbestos dust finds its way into even the tiniest junctions in the human lungs.

Inhalation of asbestos dust may result in asbestosis also called “stone lungs”. A disgusting, chronic disease, where the asbestos accumulates in the lungs. There are no known methods to remove it

Unfortunately asbestos still appears in many Danish buildings. Including schools, sports halls and institution buildings. If you have a building with asbestos, you should take the initiative to get it removed because the health risk is huge.

Are you unsure whether your property contains asbestos? Let IKAS Isolering A/S conduct a thoroughly asbestos analysis in order to clarify the situation.

If we in connection with our analytical work find asbestos occurrences, we would be happy to present you with a non-binding offer on asbestos removal and disposal for your property.

We can present an extended experience with asbestos, and we have the right equipment. Let us take care of your asbestos analysis and environmentally sound disposal.

Danish Asbestos Association’s pamphlet on the dangers of asbestos can be found HERE.

Call IKAS Isolering A/S today. We are always ready to give you the best advice about asbestos.