IKAS Isolering A/S Sales and Delivery conditions are applicable for all tasks, works as well as hourly wage assignments and work.

1. AB 92

For all tasks applies ”Almindelige betingelser for arbejder og leverancer i bygge- og anlægsvirksomhed” af 10. december 1992″ hereinafter referred to as AB 92) with the following additions and derogations. At sub-contracting relationship the “developer” should be understood as the main contractor and the “contractor” as a subcontractor.

2. Standards for the execution of the tasks

The work is carried out in accordance with DS 452, ”Termisk Isolering af tekniske installationer” 3rd edition All insulation distances are assumed to be similar to the in DS, DS 1123 1102 prescribed objectives and quotas.

3. Measurement criteria

3.1 Pipes and duct work
The outer tube diameter and tube length are  being measured on the current insulation and the bending´s exterior side without deduction of flange joints, valves, pipe brackets and other minor interruptions. Multiple tubes that are being isolated in context, are counted by number and dimensions. Flanges, valves, bends, T-pieces, closing tape etc. are calculated as a supplement

3.2 Flat surface work
The area is measured on the outer surface of the completed insulation without deduction of inspection holes, manholes, purge valves etc.

4. Accountability

4.1 Damages on insulation work
The contractor is not responsible for damages on completed insulation work, caused by that the work, despite warning from contractor, is required done in places, where there is a risk of such damage. The contractor is furthermore not responsible for damage to the insulation work, which is caused by other contractors who carry out work in places where the insulation work has begun or has been completed.

4.2 Consequential damages

Limitation of liability in section 4.1 shall also apply to consequential damages.

5. Winter measures

Expenses incurred in connection with the implementation of collectively agreed winter measures, except for winter snow removal, are contained in the offer. All other additional costs to the impl emmentation in the winter period are paid for as extra work.

6. Collateral

Collateral Guarantee towards the contractor shall be made no later than eight working days after the conclusion of the contract, see. AB 92§ 7, paragraph 1.

If collateral is requested, the costs in connection with the formation and ongoing costs are being paid by the contractor.

7. Warranty for material properties

Claims for guarantee of material properties are only applicable in so far as the supplier of the materials is guaranteeing and meet a comparable guarantee against the contractor, see AB 92 section 10, paragraphs 4 and 5.


The contractor and his subcontractors are assumed to be included in the developer’s insurance, see AB 92, § 8. Similar applies to public property developers self-insurance.

9. Index adjustment

The sum of the offer is to be indexed with the quotation of the day index as the beginning index. If in the specifications is calling for a fixed price, the price will be adjusted only for the portion of the work that is performed after 12 months from the quotation day and in addition, as specified in annex 1 of the Bygge- og Boligstyrelsens circular on price and time of 10.October 1991. The adjustment is done with Statistics Denmark’s construction cost index for multi floor buidlings, unless otherwise stated in the tender documents index. In addition to the fixed price the contractor should be granted reimbursement of the expense increase caused by cold cuts from the State and extraordinary price increases, see.Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen´s circular on price and time of 10. October 1991, §§ 8 and 9